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Digital Magic Art in short form DimArt, combines digital photography and experimental art, which involves elements of:

During the creation of a DimArt-work these activities are more or less taken into account. The quality of the artwork is mainly determined by inspirations, emotional abilities and experimental skills of the artist. Furthermore, it strongly depends on how the artist is treating with esthetic of colors and form, brightness and luminance, and dynamics of motion. Last but not least, the content of events and scenery, captured by digital photography and video recording is an important factor for the result of the artwork.

In experimental photography, experiments with time, light, colors, filters, several materials as well as a computer aided photo set up supports the artist creating unique photographs. Especially in liquid drop art photography timing is the most important factor. The correct timing allows to freeze unseen moments into figures or abstract creations. The formation of these abstract figures and creations is mainly influenced by the drop height, drop diameter and viscosity of the fluid.

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The Links below show the artwork of our artists. For printed artwork Saal Digital is our first choice for best prints with high end quality. Prints are available on several materials and many different sizes. For interest in art prints please feel free to contact us directly or check out our DimArt Art Gallery on Saal Digital:

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DimArt procedure

During the interaction with the computer the artwork is created according to the evolutionary principle, which means that the computer provides many imaginative pictures, from which one is selected depending on the flavor, the ability to associate, or fantasy of the artist. There exists different procedures to generate the diversity of pictures, such as, glitching, data moshing, fractals, etc. and the newly discovered DimArt effect.

The procedure based on the evolutionary principle can be applied repeatedly until an interesting aspect in the picture is discovered by the artist. In further steps the aspects, such as figures, animals, scenery, etc. can be worked out more clearly by using image processing tools. The quality of the obtained pictures particularly depends on the skill of handling processing tools commonly used in digital art.

The so called DimArt Effect is determined by way of capturing photo and video data, imaginative DJ interactions, and the way of how to transform the computer into “quasi-chaotic” states. Such steps leading mostly to unexpected results of beautiful pictures with a high diversity of shapes, styles, fantastic colors and of high translucency and brightness. In this chaotic state the computer is a helpful, creative and visionary partner regarding the creation and formation of digital artwork. However, the way how this chaotic state is created is still being kept as a secret, like a wizard keeps his tricks for himself.

The final step of the procedure is the improvement of pictures by common image post-processing applied to selected artwork obtained from the DJ interaction. These post-processing steps include mainly the application of filter techniques provided by software packages available as open source of commercial programs. In summery, the DimArt method is a mixed media technique because of photo and video data manipulation is performed by our new method as well as by common image post-processing steps.

In 2013 the physicist Prof. Dr. Juergen Kempf discovered the new DimArt method, since then with a great enthusiasm he is improving the technique for creating pictures, paintings, canvas, etc., in a "magical way" of digital art. His aim is to establish a method for producing pictures and videos at a high level of digital art. In March 2014 the DimArt project was officially started by the team members Jürgen Kempf (DJKpf) and Gerald Schickhuber (DJGerry). The main aims of the project intentions are to develop:

The DimArt-Tool is not only for the creation of computer aided artwork, but also for computer aided therapy of neurological diseases and of fine-motor dysfunctions due to Parkinson, schizophrenia, apoplexia, Multiple Sclerosis, etc. Moreover, it can be used for training of young and elderly people in creativity and imagination.

DimArt procedure overview

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